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I've always loved both art and science ever since I was a little girl. I believe that the two areas of study are two sides of the same coin, and understanding both of them gives us a window into greater truths about the mysteries of life. I want to use my skills in animation, programming, and mathematics to create interactive experiences that inspire others and improve lives in the same way that I was inspired by video games, animation, and technological advances when I was growing up.

Work Experience

I work as a software engineer and develop games in my free time. I'm currently working on Midautumn, Rubi: The Wayward Mira, and an unannounced video game. I have 6+ years of freelance illustration and animation experience in the film, video game, and traditional game industries. Some other notable projects I've worked on are Super Meat Boy: Forever, Super Meat Boy: Rival RushChangyou's Journey (an Oscar-qualified short film), and I've also worked with Skybox Labs.


I graduated from UCLA in 2019 with a B.S. in Applied Math, Specialization in Computing. I transferred there from College of the Canyons, a community college down the street from CalArts, where I studied Animation and got my AA in Mathematics and Physics. Concurrently to my college education, I formally studied Character Design and Visual Development at the Animation Academy in Burbank, and took classes in various topics in animation at the American Animation Institute. I also participated in the UCLA Alumni Mentorship program, where I learned from Tim Ford, software engineer at Blizzard. In total, I have 8+ years of industry training in animation and game development.


Here is some recent (published) work I've been hired for! You can stay updated with my most recent work on my Twitter.

If you'd like to hire me for a project, you can inquire through email via the contact form or through social media.

Super Meat Boy: Rival Rush

2 player card game based off the hit indie game Super Meat Boy that I did a bunch of illustrations for. You can learn more about the game at the official website!

Meat Boy Card Illustration
Bandage Girl Card Illustration

Changyou's Journey

Award-winning, Oscar qualified animated short film about the journey of a young boy's father from China to the United States. Tribute to the director's late father. I did visual development and background art for this film. I wanted to make sure the emotions of the son and his father were communicated clearly through the color, lighting, and style choices. Since the film is about a tribute told through the eyes of a child, I wanted it to have a hand-drawn look and incorporate classic Chinese brush painting techniques into the backgrounds.


Here are some original projects I've worked on in my free time.

This isn't a comprehensive list - just a few projects I really enjoyed working on!


1 player sidescroller where you play as a microraptor trying to reach the goal. Made in C++ 11 and Qt library. All code, art assets, and music made by me over the course of a month. This one was tricky since there was no documentation for games with the Qt graphics library so I had to figure out how to implement everything myself from scratch. Inspired by my favorite arcade game, Joust (1982).

Lord of the Hoard

2 player versus treasure collection game played on a single keyboard. Made in Python 3.0 and the Pygame library. All code, art assets, and music made by me over a single weekend. Inspired by multiplayer Flash games with shared-keyboard controls I used to play with my younger brother.

Pinball Gardener Gif

Pinball Gardener

Quirky game which combines pinball with a farming simulator. Made for Ludum Dare 41 with the theme: combine 2 incompatible genres! Made in Game Maker Studio over the course of a day. Collaboration with Matt Fisher, who split the workload for the coding with me. Won Best Use of Theme award at the UCLA ACM Studio Jam. Available on

Available on

Other Projects

You can play some of my original games as they get uploaded on!

You can stay up to date on other things I'm working on through my social media. I'm most active about my projects on Twitter


For business inquiries or if you need to get in touch with me, just send an email through this form or contact me through social media and I'll reply back as soon as possible.